Managing The Ailing Pakistan

After sixty eight years of independence from the British Raj we stand tall as a nation of proud Pakistanis. We have produced some of the finest brawns and brains in the world and contributed immensely to international sports, music, literature, science and technology. We have always reflected unlimited tenacity and perseverance in impossible times. The question remains that if we have all the talent and spirit in the world what is holding us back? The answer is simple, the country is run by Goons and imbeciles. But in a nutshell this answer is not enough. It may be a very true observation, but it is not a solution to our problems. Most politicians around the globe are sleazy, dishonest, back stabbing liars and cheats. Ours are no different. And the ones who are of upright character are known and loved as leaders like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the father of our nation. As a doctor, I have learnt the value of interpreting complex data into simple understandable terms and then finding simple step by step solutions to myriads of difficulties. That is known as a management plan. And I propose one for my country to be resuscitated after saving it from the Goons and idiots that refuse to step down from the Government and just let the poor country breathe.
To begin with we must understand the basics ourselves. It is not easy being a small country like Pakistan with vindictive and venomous neighbors. From the very beginning we were cheated out of our rightful land, rivers and assets at the time of Independence in 1947, thanks to the penultimate leniency and love of Lord Mountbatten for the Indian side. We will not stoop into the details of how his beloved Lady Mountbatten had her heart and much more leaning towards Nehru. History has a way of preserving truths, even the ones nations choose to forget. For us it’s like sitting next to a bully in school, knowing you have to perform at an optimum even though you will be threatened, harassed, beaten and cheated in every way possible and if and when you turn to others for help, you will face mockery, slander and scandalous lies. Kashmir has been one of the sore spots ever since and the human rights claims of the United Nations is mocked and ridiculed by the great democracy of India every day. Unfortunately, the world turns a blind eye to bullies. So, ill-fated as this historical background is, I would like to put it in a coffin, nail it down and bury it for good after befitting mourning rituals. There you go, history is dead and gone and tomorrow is another day. Let’s get back to life and work and make today and tomorrow count. Point one of my agenda is to just stop cribbing.
Primarily we need to know what problems we have. I will reiterate this soft reminder that no country or nation on this planet can claim of not having any one of these issues. The proportions or severity of ailments may vary but the symptoms are predominantly universal. So, any chest thumping, ridicule or criticism by other nations is juvenile and perverted. Poverty, illiteracy, corruption, law and order issues, injustice, terrorism, food and water shortage, bad and unaffordable healthcare, power breakdowns, bad governance, natural calamities are the first scoop from a brimming cup. These problems are humongous individually but when clustered together they seem unsurmountable. So, I propose breaking them down and taking them up one by one and even fragmenting them further and finding hundreds of thousands of small workable solutions than an Abracadabra that will just make them poof away. Anyone who tells you how horrible life is, give them a piece of paper and ask them to propose a solution. He who is not providing a solution is a part of the problem. From cleaning a trash heap outside your house to building airplanes. Let’s do it. Ask yourself what you can do. Can you plant a tree in your house? While you are at it, pick a fruit tree like Guava or Citrus. It will cost nothing, grow with minimum care and will need a very small spot in your home. I see it as a mini food stamp. Can a nation of two hundred million people starve if every person just grew a tree in their home?
Now, the ground reality is that things are not as simple as well. We have politicians who are antisocial, runaway schoolboys. They will trash entire cities so that they can play with and park their fancy buses and trains but they will not build bridges and dams for the long term welfare of the country. People will starve and die without medical aid while they buy fancy villas and palaces around the world. They will lie to the nation about internationally signed treaties and business deals imagining they will live forever and enjoy the money they are hoarding. They will seek political asylum in foreign countries and run criminal mafias from abroad. If they had been educated properly and had picked up a single book of world history they would know that even Alexander the Great left the world empty handed. The good news is, they will all wither and die like their predecessors. The seeds of crime, apathy and terrorism they sow today will be reaped by them and their children tomorrow. And the reigns will come to our children one day. So let us educate our children, protect them and make them capable of being heroes and leaders. Teach them the difference between these petty politicians and true leaders. Of course I will educate my child and so will you. But the nation will prosper and the world will be a better place if I also remember to educate the child of the criminal and the beggar. This collateral education will ensure that my child is not harmed in life by a criminal and he does not spend his life giving his hard earned money as alms to the beggars. They can and will work together towards a better future. Anyone who smiles at the simple heartedness of my dream makes me cry for the death of his dreams. How will you ever achieve anything if you do not have the will or the desire to achieve it?
Now back to basics. We have an upcoming water shortage and we need dams to store the bulk of monsoon water that causes annual floods and devastates crops, villages and infrastructure. What if the politicians don’t make big dams like Mangala or Tarbela because they are too stupid to do anything remotely useful. Can we have water reservoirs in every village? Maybe if I allocate a few acres of my land, dig trenches and push the sand towards the sides to make embankments, add concrete and rocks. Don’t I have a free water reserve after the monsoon is over? How hard is that? I know it can be made but I am no engineer. Where are our hundreds and thousands of bright engineers working around the globe in reputable organizations? Come and fix this small glitch and make a contribution of your engineering excellence. Let us make mini dams and dam the political circus. Once we do that, we will make small grid stations for hydroelectricity, build solar parks and give cheap electricity to everyone. And if we have water and electricity, our fields will grow crops. It is inevitable. So, water and food go hand in hand in a primarily agricultural country. If we do it on our own, maybe the few people in power with workable ganglions will follow our lead.
The next on my list is crime, corruption and justice. I have written on the subject before and I will reiterate my take on this. Human beings harm each other if left unchecked. Period. We need laws to be implemented and we need good governance. We have some excellent policemen, lawyers and judges in the system. Is each and every one corrupt, vile and ignorant? That cannot be possible. For every ten corrupt officers of the state, if one honest lawyer takes up one case on moral grounds per year and strives to get a positive verdict we will accumulate positive citations over the years. If every judge decides to expedite justice and not let the lawyers use dilatory tactics, justice will prevail. If one out of ten policemen decides to discourage criminals, the law will be respected. And when criminals are handed out punishments, the crime rate will go down. All of these are mathematical certainties. When these rules have been followed in the past, the law and order situation has improved. So why do we have a national memory loss for all the good things that worked. When you feel better doing something, for the love of God keep doing it!
Now on my very personal area on healthcare. I have recently been exposed to the metamorphosis in healthcare and I will proudly say that whatever should be done is being done now. The University of Health Sciences and the Pakistan Medical Association have some amazing people with great insight and vision. I have had the good fortune to meet some of the pioneers who are changing the face of healthcare in our country. The encouragement of continued medical education, discouragement of quackery and introduction of an elaborate plan of action is up and running. The effects may be slow but will trickle down from the tertiary care to the primary care and things will improve. However, all doctors practicing in other countries, myself included, have the moral obligation to commit a part of our time and talent to the country that made us who we are. The poor patients that we examined, operated upon and studied for our medical licensure deserve a fraction of our gratitude. We have free clinics or colleges in every city and village and I am sure when you visit back home, you will find one near you to dedicate a week or two of your free services to. It is your choice whether you teach medical students or treat patients but just dropping nickels and dimes in donation bins is not enough. We paid petty change to get our degrees in Pakistan as compared to the hundred thousand dollar medical school loans in other countries. We owe this to Pakistan. Let’s teach and treat.
Last but not the least is education. Even though we have small schools cropping out of every nook and corner of the country there is a great difference between the quality of education being delivered in various institutions. The lack of standardized education in the Government sector has come under scrutiny time and time again. The Ivy League private schools with the rich clientele are producing ignorance of a new variety. We do not need foreign educated individuals who consider themselves above the common man and unfortunately are more illiterate to their own culture, literature and language than the children from the Government schools are to Cambridge syllabus. We need to improve the syllabi and bridge the divide between these two extremes. When we emphasize that the quality of education be improved in low income group schooling, we must also inculcate national pride in our elitist schools and tell them that if your children quote Shakespeare and scoff at Mirza Ghalib, you are not imparting good education at all. So when we educate our children, it is important to make sure the children of our servants and staff are also being sent to school.
My dream is to have every child in school in my lifetime and if I can afford it, I will pay the family a stipend of one thousand rupees per child and give two wholesome meals during the school day so that the incentive for education does not struggle against poverty. Every child who comes to school will be fed, clothed, vaccinated and seen regularly by a Pediatrician. The parents just need to send them to school. And somewhere among these little girls and boys, we will sow the seeds of future doctors, engineers, scientists, leaders, artists, musicians, writers, sportsmen and philanthropists. We will teach them to dream big but walk with small steps until they are strong enough to take big strides and carry the torch of humanity, morality and goodness for future generations. These are boundless oceans of dreams, hopes and aspirations. We may not be able to make them come true individually but if each of us carry a small handful we can pitch in and make the world proud and thankful that the small country of Pakistan was created by a great leader and visionary in 1947.

Pakistan Zindabad! Qaid e Azam Zindabad!


Au Revoir

There comes a time in life when one starts assessing one’s decisions over the years. A part of our mind finds solace in the integrity and morality of our selections but a greater wisdom passes judgment on when we should have plunged in deeply and when we should have watched from dry land like everyone else around us. We are humans and when we opt to make all the right choices all the time, we have a tendency to get lost and be damned to a sainthood status. One might be going to Heavan after death but sainthood does not offer much of a life. Among many muddled thoughts, I am at a point in time where I am questioning everything about my life. I have never made a bad decision or taken off at a whim. I regret the excess of righteousness and wisdom that I have practiced in my life. And while I ponder endlessly over how I could have taken a different course in my journey, I know that I never had a choice. I am who I am. From earliest childhood memories, I watch myself as a third person observer. If a four year old kid can save her candy from school for her younger brother, she is showing her natural spirit of generosity. Unfortunately, the child who gets the free candy will never remember the sacrifice it involved. Today I am sharing one of my worst tribulations in life. The curse of selflessness.

I have been hurt time and time again by people I can die for. The worst part is my own inability to hate them or return their meanness in the same coins. I am a Type A personality and have always been able to achieve what I aim for but where my heart kneels all the wisdom in the world fails to teach me self-preservation. I have been cheated over and over again by the same people and every time my emotional attachment leaves me helpless. I am condemned to running to their aid even when I know they are only crying wolf to manipulate my love. At times I am angry and I tell myself I will never let them fool me again but even the thought of their pain makes me suffer and I can only ease my own affliction by helping them. It has become a vicious cycle and I know I must break it for my own sanity. People who do not love you cannot be taught to care if even they have blood relations to you. Unfortunately we are manipulated in worst ways only by people who know how deeply we love them. I need to learn to be selfish and self-centered once in a while.

A friend was making fun of how I seem to be a trouble magnet. I was saddened when I heard this perspective. I am a problem solver. Naturally people turn to me for their deepest concerns and seek my help and advice. I have helped friends and foes alike and kept their secrets buried deeply in my bosom. The worst part is that I take problem solving for my family and friends so seriously that after a while they forget that the trouble was never mine to begin with and when I took to tackling it head on, I did it with such dedication and commitment that everyone forgot I was helping them and not myself. I remember watching cartoons in my childhood where the protagonist is be fooled by someone and only realizes it later and feels a donkey’s head instead of his own. I have felt like that so often that I wonder if that is the actual head I carry around. I wish I could ask why kindness and gentility is considered synonymous with stupidity and cowardice. I wonder if there is a solution to such a basic personality disorder. I have the martyr syndrome and whenever trouble arrives guess who opens the door. I wanted to tell my dear friend that I am not cursed, only over blessed and excess of everything is bad.

Last but not the least is my intrinsic ability to rationalize and cajole the worst case scenario to a more palatable alternate version. I could love a madman and call him slightly eccentric. I have the tendency to see silver linings in clouds of nuclear holocaust. I have such unflinching optimism that life has to let me down and like so many people close to my heart, it never fails at that. Today, I am purging my heart and soul of all the things that make me extremely proud of who I am but hurt me immensely every day. I need to learn to step down from the pedestal and live on a human level. I need to let go of my high expectations of myself and give myself the same leeway I offer everyone else. Most importantly, I need to steer away from people who do not understand or reciprocate my love. While I write these lines I can feel the burden lifting as if just shouting at the top of your lungs somehow makes you breathe better. No science involved. I am sending out this self-analytical rhetoric into the void and all I wish to hear is that it’s okay if you don’t measure up sometime. God knows nobody else does either. I want to reach out to all those who love me and advise me off and on about how I should change my own reaction if I cannot change the people who hurt me. I hear you and this is my solemn undertaking that I take your advice to heart. And to the ones who have unanimously let me down and made a habit of it, this is the final score. I am taking charge of my life and putting an infinite distance between us if you do not change for the better. Someone who truly loves me suffers because I suffer at your hand. I am choosing that love over the love I have for you. Au revoir!

Massacre At Peshawar School

I have been trying to write a few thoughts on the horrific events of 16th December 2014 in Army Public School in Peshawar but my pen refuses to budge. The death of a child is a tragedy beyond the grasp of human intellect. The inhuman, barbaric massacre of a hundred and thirty six children is incredible. I watched the footage and the pictures in disbelief. The dear, innocent faces smeared in blood were impossible for a complete stranger to view. I wonder how the parents received the dead bodies of children they had dropped off at school a few hours ago. I wonder what mutated version of humans can do this atrocity to young school children. The nation is shell shocked at this tragic disaster. I want to share a few thoughts about what I saw, felt, heard and eventually thought.

The course of events unraveled as six fanatic gunmen entered in an army run institution in Peshawar. They called forth the kids whose parents were in the army and then one by one they executed them with AK47 rounds to the heads and faces. Many faces were beyond identification and blood and brains were scattered all over. Those who ran for their lives had bullet wounds to other parts of their bodies as well. Some children were spared because they were covered by dead bodies of their classmates heaped over them. Only one student of grade nine and one of grade seven survived the massacre. Most of the killing was done in the school auditorium. Where this story has the most ugly fiends and monsters on a killing spree, it also has some unsung heroes. A twenty four year old teacher stood between the mass murderers and her pupils. She was burnt alive by them and even during that painful ordeal she was shouting for her students to run and save their lives. A young, newly married woman had the heart of a lioness. The principal of the APS school was saved by soldiers of the Pakistan army and brought to safe grounds outside the school but she went back in saying my children are being killed. She was shot dead but she managed to save many lives in her heroic act of sacrifice.

I am awed and inspired by the bravery of all the teachers and children who lost their lives or limbs in this sad time. There is a footage of Lady Reading Hospital where one section is cordoned off and has countless bodies of children lying side by side with their families weeping at their martyrs. Almost every head is heavily bandaged. As a doctor I know what insane amount of work load must have befallen the staff of the Government Hospital. The countless number of injured had to be treated and stabilized. This is an act of kindness for the parents to cover the brutal wounds on the heads and faces of the deceased. But how does the staff doing all this service look at humanity with respect again. We live in a world where people can kill in the name of religion, country, social class or family. We live in a sordid world and if I had the choice I would go back to wherever I came from happily. Not much of a world we have. Everyone who has experienced this catastrophe suffers from post-traumatic stress.

There is one last video where the carcasses of six crazy men, none of them of Pakistani origin, are being shown to the spectators. They have been killed by the gallant soldiers of Pakistan army. One of them has an ugly satanic tattoo on his back. They all look like the monsters they truly were. And I think of one thing only. Good riddance. These are not Muslims, these are not Pakistanis and these are not humans. Period. No one with even an ounce of humanity, honor or faith can do what these barbarians did. However, there is a very important lesson for the rest of the world in this incident. We in Pakistan are at ground zero of the aftermath of the war on terror. We have been killed in more numbers and in more brutal ways than any other victims of terrorism. We are not part of their damn groups, we are the target of countless bombings, shootings and hatred. These people have attacked children of the army personnel fighting the war against terrorism. What hurts most is that these worms slither and crawl among us, killing our own and the world finds fault with our dear country. We may be many things but we do not support terrorists. This one incident is a huge neon sign for the world to connect the dots. The world is a global village now. What happens to one nation spreads like a plague and affects others. Whoever is behind the funding, strategy, training, recruiting and implementation of these ghastly plans needs to be thrown off the planet. Nothing less would solve this humongous problem. This is my little note of random thoughts at one of the most harrowing incidents I will ever watch or hear of. Please help us stop similar atrocities across the globe. Enough is enough and we will take it no more.

2014 in review

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Shades Of Gray

Life teaches priceless lessons along the way. We are taught in our kindergarten years to recognize colors. And there comes a time when we consider ourselves masters at identifying each and every shade in the palette. Blue, green, red, black, brown, yellow and white are all crystal clear images in our minds. The clarity taught at those tender years is not merely an education, it is our ancestors’ attempt to give their children something to cling on to when the colors start merging and the lines between them seem muddled. These thoughts have been lurking in my mind for many years now and finally my pen has chosen to shed some light on them.

As one grows older the definitions and meanings seem to be conditional and perspective at best. Anything can be anything and anyone can be anyone, all one needs is to be able to change the paradigm of observation. As a perfectionist I would love to cling on to ideals of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, intelligence and folly, worthiness and triviality. But then again, aside from religious, moral or hypothetical ideals, I know of no person who is absolutely good with no amalgamation of evil in him. I have never come across untainted intelligence, morality or character. Everything is relative and thus it seems humanity is more inclined towards error and imperfection. The ideals impregnated in our young minds are to override the natural ease to sin and err. Thus, the necessity of a formative inculcation of morals, ethics and character makes complete sense in a world that does not encourage it.

The obligations imposed on nobility of character seem an additional encumbrance and inconvenience in life. However when we observe the heroic and amazing outcomes from such circumstances, we see humanity rise above its mundane standards as heroes and saints are born. The life of any exemplary human being is embedded with trials and tribulations, but the fact remains that the story of this life far transcends the biological age of the person. The legend always outlives the hero and as the story is told and retold to infuse the positive character of the protagonist in the minds of the masses, the hero grows to magnanimous proportion. We tend to add fiction to the fact and forget that the life when lived was a day-to-day struggle, with immeasurable misery, deceit and sorrow. The glory is mostly posthumous and rarely the heroes are commemorated in their lifetimes.

All this observation reminds me of the famous poem by Robert Frost. The road less travelled by has always been my personal favorite. When we chose to live exemplary lives and be better than everyone around us, we forget that we must make extraordinary sacrifices and give up on the dream of a normal life. To get exceptional rewards one must forego the common pleasures and not complain about the deprivation of ordinary joys. A hero at a warfront loses life or limb to pay for the medals of courage and endurance. A saint practices abstinence from simple indulgences to rise above his congregation. It makes complete sense that we humans need the presence of a God and religion in our lives to justify the hardships endured, hoping for a reward in the hereafter. Otherwise all the collective stories of deities, moral and ethical standards are a futile effort to make the world more inhabitable for our future generations. There are a hundred shades of gray in a life where we were taught to expect black and white. The only way we can get pure white or pure black is to remove all other colors that muddle our canvas. All those other shades are the colors of life one has to forgo to become larger than life.

Pray, Work, Smile

My pen is static for now. It is the silence before the storm and the calm before the calamity. I am trying beyond my moral strength to resist the urge to speak the truth to myself, the honest fair judgment of all that is and has been. My faculties have long ago analyzed the catastrophic chain of events and it is my dear, frail heart that is procrastinating. I am a very well rounded person, half intellect and half emotions. But the half and half effect leaves the nerves raw and the heart sore. The rational mind is forever at war with the emotional core and somewhere in between I endlessly suffer. I continue to love people, whom I know beyond absolute certainty, neither deserved that compassion nor desired it. Despite the sensitive spot, I remove them from my inner circle and keep them as a marginal presence in my life. It is better to cut off a dead relation than to drag the carcass along for years with regrets. Today, my pain peaks as our paths meet again and I find the simple, comical truth about us.

I am no angel but God knows I try to rise to the level of sainthood despite my weaknesses. I will not demonize anyone but I sure wish someone would measure up for a change. I know that some people are incapable of hatred and some of love. All the poetic metaphors swirl in the mind as I contemplate about the mess our relation has been reduced to. I ponder continually over the countless tangents our relationship could have gone in. I know I think too much for losses that were not only mine, while even fleeting thoughts do not cross your mind. The lives of some people are like rose bushes studded with thorns and they agonize over the smallest tribulations. And some lives are like thorn bushes blessed with roses, and these people are happy with the occasional blossom in a sea of bristles. I am the latter and I will always be grateful for this perspective from God. People who think I am pompous do not know the amount of inner resolve and courage required to smile despite the pain.

I write these lines for love lost, relationships besmeared and trust annihilated. I write in order to come to terms with all that has changed forever and no amount of goodwill or honesty will undo the metamorphosis. It is to tell myself that courage is needed dear heart to accept what one cannot change. And wisdom is required in generous proportions to move on in life without losing the goodness in one’s character. Bad people should not take away our gentleness and compassion with their misbehaviors. One needs a constant reminder that good things come to those who wait. Of all the stories ever told, evil never triumphed over good. If for the time being manipulative, deceitful cowards overshadow the selfless, sacrificing and honest people, it has to be a transient phase. One day, sooner than later, the echo of our deeds will find us. It may hurt today, but someone will come along who will comfort the broken heart and win the breached trust.

Somewhere beyond time, an Omnipotent is patiently watching and expecting us to trust Him, with eyes tightly closed and hands clasped in prayer. I remember a lesson from my convent school days that sums it all up nicely, ‘pray, work, smile’. That is all one is required to remain human and yet not hurt anyone in our lives. Of all the things that I value in my life, my capacity to pray like a child is priceless. I can still pray for people who have hurt me and forgive them with a full heart. When I ask God for a favor, I do not ask him for a lighter burden, but a strong back. It is another childhood lesson from my dear parents. The moral of the story is to gracefully conduct our everyday affairs with fortitude, humanity and humility. This is my prayer and pardon in a very difficult hour for those who have broken my wings and hindered my spiritual journey. While my pen refuses to write anything but the truth, this is the compassion despite the ugliness of the truth that I am sharing. On the steps of your Citadel, I lay all my pride, pain and glory. So, help me God to forgive those who have harmed me in thoughts, words and actions and to never become a reflection of them. Amen.

A Request for Members of Pakistan Bar Council

The Pakistan Bar Council elections are right around the corner. The innumerable candidates for the Bar Council membership are busy in their rigorous campaigns. The Mall Road along the Civil, Sessions and High courts is infested with flex signs, banners and posters of the lawyers running for elections. As I drive past these doctored pictures of lawyers, I feel pleasantly surprised at my recognition of some of the names and faces. Some of the congratulatory banners to the Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council catch my eye. Before the process has even started, the greedy and flattering elements have played their cards. It is sad indeed that such an important profession is so poorly represented. I have a humble request for each and every member of the legal community and I hope my word is taken as that of the common man in Pakistan hiring all of you as our advocates.

I have had a kaleidoscopic view of the legal community in the past couple of years. I have met the key power players and had a very close kinship to them. I have also unfortunately been exposed to the worst people in this arena who do nothing but threat, manipulate and cheat others. They are so obtuse in their dealings that they not only deceive the clients of the opposing councils but also their own clients. I wonder if they are merely surviving in a competitive society or are they really the scavengers they appear to be. I know many people in the medical community who scoff at the Hippocratic Oath and forget their duty to the ailing humanity. I guess practical life takes away some of the dreamy idealism and then when we get appreciation for our skills we forget we are but human. The point is that this group of professionals has the good with the bad elements. I would never be part of the solution if I too walk away with finding faults only. So here is my two cents for the heroes and the bandits alike, no pun intended.

As a litigant, my worst nightmare is the never ending adjournments in my cases. I am never certain if on the given next date there will be a strike by the bar council, or the presiding judge will be on leave or the opposing council will be unavailable. This unpredictability is the worst torture for any person trying to plead his right. And after coming from a foreign country, one feels horrified at the barbarity with which these proceedings are lingered on for years and years. The first appeal I make to all of you is to stop this practice. We all know the injustice involved if even at one point or another it serves our own purpose. When the Chief Justice is taking special notice of the red files of more than thirty year old cases, I wonder if he has been sleeping for the same amount of time. If he has been a part of the system, Then he too is the cause of these long delayed cases. Then why is the custom obstinately followed while fixing its damage? If it was a matter of more trivial nature, I would have found it as hilarious as a dog trying to catch it’s tail. But sadly, this is worth weeping over for the fate of those who stumble onto these corridors of justice.

The next suggestion is to decide during these elections what powers are you or your candidates striving for. Are they spending these ridiculous amounts of money on advertisements, catering lunches or dinners, giving gifts to lawyers and hosting get togethers for the improvement of social justice and supremacy of law in Pakistan? Or is it just so that they can bunch together in a group of office bearers and cash out every case they take up. With all due respect, I know that power politics means more money and more influence. But I wonder do we have a couple of heroes among you who are spending all these amounts for the general good of society? I don’t think so. Even with epic naïveté, I would not be so optimistic about the outcome. We are encouraging people to spend money on elections, therefore we are ensuring that no one with honorable intentions and a meager financial status would dare step forth. My request is to please choose people for their professionalism and moral upstanding. They represent all lawyers, they must be the best among you. My experience with last year’s office bearers left a very raw impression of this community. For your own sake, choose wisely and do not sell your vote for anyone’s ulterior motives.

The last word for the wise is a simple suggestion. You are professionals and there is nothing wrong with earning a living by your learnt skill. But a fee of more than hundred thousand rupees per case is very steep for even a wealthy client, I wonder how many poor litigants can afford it. What if for starters each and everyone takes up one ‘charity case’ per year, month or week according to your inner moral drive. While you are parading in these corridors with your high and mighty connections, listen to some of the deserving clients. When you see an injustice, speak up against it if even it does not pay you like the other cases. Maybe a more just and moral country will emerge when people start trusting the legal system through all of you. I know many will ridicule my effort to awaken the souls of our esteemed lawyers, but if even one person Understands the pain that has made me write these lines, my good intentions are well rewarded.

My last humble request is to some of the most powerful elements of your community, the vice chairman of Pakistan Bar Council and the Chief Justice Of Pakistan. Dear sir, you all are in a position to change lives and set the highest standards for justice and fair play. As senior lawyers you know all the tricks of the trade and the maladies infesting this noble profession. If you merely claim your positions and let the years pass on, people will know who you are and give their respects at best while you occupy these positions. But if you take charge of this great cause and rejuvenate the fibers of morality and justice in our society you will be legends, heroes even after your lifespans. And I will be proud of any association to you. I know this is a childish whim, but if I can be the voice of the common man to you, I know you will be the face of justice to every child born in the country. Years later, when the flattering voices of deceptive followers are no longer heard, you will be thanked genuinely or blessed openly for one kind deed you performed when you were in power politics. And maybe somewhere in the crowd your children will be proud of having such a great heritage. Please come forth and make us proud to be Pakistanis!