Wild Pigeons And A Law Firm

Ascending the stairs to his office I peek at the wild pigeons outside the window of the second floor landing. The eggs have just hatched and one of the parents is always guarding the newborns from unknown dangers. I have been coming here for the last six months and I still feel fascinated by the universal maternal instinct. I will always remember this time of my life when I see wild pigeons. It is one of the darkest, bleakest periods and yet is radiating with the warmth of his devotion, sincerity and strength. I have walked a thousand mile journey of pain and sorrow with bare feet and my soul has been pierced by a thousand thorns. I have met some of the lowest forms of life I will ever encounter in my entire existence. I have endured treachery, disrespect, ridicule, abandonment and humiliation. These few months of my life have added years of experience, wisdom and pain to my heart. But I will still remember a very bright and sunny era just because he was a part of this miserable journey.

As I reach the third floor to catch my breath I see the sign of the law firm proudly highlighting his name in big bold letters. I always reminisce upon my first impression upon entering these offices. I had gone through scores of dishonest, sleazy lawyers and I expected a sweet talking, deceptive person, ready to yank out all my cash with no service in return. God knows I had met enough of that kind before I met him. I was thinking and double thinking everything that was being said. I was probably scared, cautious and hopeful at the same time. Thank God for small mercies. He laid out all the problems before us and I thought he was trying to frighten us. It took me some time to trust him but eventually his sincerity shone through. I had stopped expecting honesty from anyone in the legal community, his was a refreshing surprise. The person who had highly recommended him both professionally and personally will always hold a special place in my heart for his kindness in my hour of dire need. I have truly come to realize how crucial it is to have a good doctor and a good lawyer on your side when things go haywire.

wild pigeonsWith my head full of silent thoughts I enter his office and I am received warmly. It has become a very comfortable routine. I drive all the way to the law firm and then he takes me under his wing. I feel protected and honored. He is a very wise, soulful man with quiet mannerisms. I have come to respect and value his opinions about life. He has taught me the worth of virtue, chivalry and sincerity. One sees the true colors of a person when one is in need. His are radiant shades of honesty, fair dealing and kindness. Some people are blessed with outward beauty but the heart leans towards those whose souls are beautiful. When I look in his eyes, I see absolute trust; when I hear his words, I sense sincerity and wisdom; when i see him smile, I feel an inner warmth and comfort. I often wonder how in God’s name I will ever repay him for everything he has been to me in this ordeal. Someday, somehow I will find a way to return this debt of kindness. Gratitude is a memory of the heart. Maybe years later we will smile upon this chance encounter that has bonded us deeply and watch wild pigeons protecting their young ones with compassion that is so hard to find in people.


A Life Less Ordinary

What is life? An existence, an experience or a journey? It is perhaps an amalgamation of all three. One breathes, eats, sleeps and procreates for a basic survival. It is done by every living thing and has no higher purpose in humans than the lower animals.One can enumerate all the facets of merely living but that existence is not even a dot in the grand scheme of life and thus to me, just living is not much of a life.


Along the years one meets illness and health, birth and death, victory and defeat, war and peace, etc as unique experiences that mold and shape who we are. If any one pivotal moment is altered in our life stories, we will become different people. Every miracle and every tragedy plays a role in making or breaking our inner selves. I often imagine human lives as projects in a potter’s wheel. The invisible hands hold us gently in one cycle while they smudge our very forms in others; as the wheel turns, we take on the final shape that we were meant to be. While we mourn and lament over our losses and celebrate our successes we forget that the cycle is never ending and the ones who are below will be at the top, it is but a matter of time. All we need is the sight to see what the eyes cannot and the wisdom to understand what makes no sense at the moment. Perhaps madness is the best way to look at everything, the only way to undo the spectacles we are forced to see life through as we grow older. A little game of seeing the world topsy turvy by standing on one’s head comes to mind. The same view can be so different. Only children and a select few lunatics like myself have the capacity to change the perspective from public opinion.


Everyone we meet, the good, the bad and the inconspicuous; are all a part of our journey towards the divine.The people whom we place in the grand central positions of life; who mostly fail us but sometimes the idols are kind enough not to shatter before our eyes. The people we are born into as family and endure the worst character traits of without questioning their presence in our lives. The near and dear ones we let go of when they hurt us so irreversibly and repeat the torments without remorse. The cracks we carry within our hearts for people we have loved and lost. This is the inner circle of our hearts and souls. The ones who enter them are few and far between. The second halo is of friends, the family we hand pick and decide if they should see our inner selves without the camouflage and protection of our hardened wiser appearances. The ones who will love everything in us that is not bright or beautiful. Once again, the count is miserably low and most of the friends we form will be for a reason or a season and very scanty for a lifetime. The outer circle is the world at large. The people we work with, meet in random places and interact while we are going about our own private lives. We often search for people to transfer into the inner two circles that have such a great want of replenishing. We are all a part of each others journey and the load is made heavier or lighter by the companions one finds in life. And needless to say some of us are lucky enough to find that one soul mate who was made to fit every facet of our existence.


While we suffer and endure all the hardships and savor in the gifts of life, we seldom remember the unseen hands that scribble judgments on deeds carelessly done and words randomly spoken. I am perhaps one of the crazy few who contemplates about the chance encounters and heartfelt moments. But i know somewhere in the unseen someone smiles at my deliberation and strife for a life less ordinary. I need to share the concept of writing our own life stories: picking and choosing the hallmark moments and the pivotal people. And dropping acts of kindness in the way to be later retrieved as spiritual breadcrumbs when lost in the enchanted forest of life. If the journey ends in a six by six hole in the ground, the very fact that it was thoroughly enjoyed makes it a success. However, if a proclamation is held at the end and we are to be rewarded for the lives well lived, i would like to face my judgment smiling at all the things everyone thought silly and frivolous.