A Lonely Tear


When a lonely tear is stranded in my lashes,

My heart is restless and my heartbeat mute,

Very silently, very softly, I hear your sound

An innocent moment shimmers in my eyes,

A few fragrant evenings blossom with the flowers,

Somewhere in the sparkling stars two silhouettes emerge

Youthful voices in the wind talk endlessly

A distant naive affection smolders in the eyes

Someone’s breath is labored in tears and sighs

In these wonderful memories, roaring like a thunderstorm

A cruel moment makes the innocent heart shudder

All the dreams in the eyes fall and shatter with a clank

Just a lonely tear stays stranded in my lashes


When Colors Fade


O, silent tears, can grief exceed

The pain that makes you flow?

O, shattered soul, why must you weep

When loved ones turn to go?


We met; we bloomed; You left; i lived;

O broken, broken heart!!

Is this the toll of sacrifice?

All dreams fall apart!!


Blind of eye and meek of heart,

I always leaned on you.

You gave me sight and left my world,

The darkness lingered, too.


You were the only sight I knew,

Your touch; your hands; your voice;

No lights or colors changed the truth…

…you are my only choice!

Even in my darkness,

I had a soul to trust.

But, after you, my dreams,

All crumbled into dust.


You held my hand,remember?

You held it to your eyes.

You said we’ll be together

When the mortal body dies.


Your words were not a promise,

Our was never true!

You left– the falsehood ended,

Yes! I died with you!


The world remains so empty,

What must I live to see?

Come to ease my sorrow!

Come and set me free!


I gift your eyes to someone,

Whose world craves for light.

My grave stands besides you,

O , let us reunite!!



The poem is inspired from the spirit of sacrifice, more generously given to the helpless and needy; but most graciously shared with a dearly beloved.

Blowing In The Wind

This piece is dedicated to the heros, to whom no shrines are built; no medals awarded; no melodies sung. But who have left their mark upon Nature itself and the winds shall sing their songs of chivalry forever…
Blowing in the wind

Some dry leaves

and some roses;

Some unexpected courtesy,

Some helping hand

in need,

Some words of

silent anguish;

Some faces…all of clay

…that crumble

at my touch!

Some heartfelt, joyous moments,

…and dreams

that linger on.

Some wounds that bleed within..

…the dormant,

healing scars.

…I try to save the roses;

…My hands…

too small to hold!

Some dust and ashes shadow,

the cut and hurting hands,

that stood against the winds.

…Blowing in the wind,

Some dry leaves,

and some roses…

…and feeble hands

of heroes!

Drowning In the Memory Stream

I see you smile, with tears
that trickle down my cheeks.

I see your eyes, with fears

that you may feel me near.


All these things I see,

oh! am I dreaming now??

..It could never be..

for sleepless eyes don’t dream!


I see your face aglow,

With sunshine in your smile,

I see your lips, a bow,

of  bleeding buds in bloom.


All these sights I see,

Are lost to the past,

Oh, is my memory

playing games on me?


You had to go, I know,

Then why did you remain

in my heart, like snow,

that melt to hurt me more!


It is a thought, a dream,

the foolish game I play;

But in the memory stream,

I’ll drown my soul today!

Autumn Winds

O, autumn winds be gentle,

On my fragile nest,

Until my hatchlings

grow their wings,

Until they learn to fly,

But, when they leave

My gentle care;

Come back with all your fury,

And blow my nest away!

O, autumn winds be gentle,

On my blooming flowers,

Until the birds are singing,

Until the dewdrops fall,

But when, deep in slumber,

The shades of spring grow dim,

Come and mark my blossoms,

Take their scent away!

O, autumn winds be gentle,

On my loving friends,

Until they reach the peak in life,

And happy is past,

But when their eyes

Are sad and weary,

Blow in their fragrant hair,

Take those tears away

Lets Live For Another Day

Long and endless passages,

that lead to old oak doors.

Pathways of darkness flowing,

to a distant ray of light.

Life! Give me an outlet…

a vent to all my fears

a jocund, carefree chatter,

a skipping, lightfoot heart.

Someone to hang on to

when pricking tears bloom;

Something to believe in

when shadows cloud my view.

My wooden, creaking crutches,

My foot, a friendless mate!

My dreams of dancing wildly

when showers fall in spring;

A promise; a beginning

to , to , to joy;

A warm and tender hand,

to hold and walk along….

Yes, I need this hereon!!

A childlike in ;

to look upon the Heavans,

for angels in the Sun.

And, I’m sure, my wishes

can heal all that ails me,

If not the wound so obvious

they’ll cure the pains within!!

Dedicated to the ’special children’ at the Rehabilitation Center in Lahore, Pakistan, whose handicaps have not ailed their spirits

Speculation on the Life Hereafter

The reversal of elements,

One by one,

Each to a form unknown,

The line of

Traced back in time,

Forms lost, features merged

To a cluster of nothingness

Where matter loses

Forms and shapes

A graveyard of ghostly forms!

A vague curiosity marks the vision

Of all these disrupted

And dispersed elements

Does the soul live on?

Thoughts, emotions and everything

Substantial yet virtual,

What of their destination?

A wild speculation,

Perhaps the moments lived

Linger on forever

As an unperceived frequency

In a mute, crazy world

The notion is spine chilling

To consider all the

Frequencies across time

Static all around

Where ghostly forms relive

Eternal immortal moments

The silence within fabricates

Songs of a distant past

Unknown and unheard of

But sweet to the very core